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Building Use and Safety

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     Benefit Cost Analysis

  Benefit cost (impact assessment) issues associated with stairway usability/use and safety, an emerging issue in deliberations on new building code requirements, especially for home stairs.  22 min       May 2014


         Points of Control

  Use of the “Points of Control” principle (used in fall prevention work) used in assessing the safety and usability of stairways.  20 min     May 2014

  1. 1.Introduction to Missteps and Falls   (Part 1)

                           “Air Steps”  

15:29 min.

Recorded at the 46th Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists.

                        38 min.   2015

    Recorded in Toronto, Canada,  at the office of Jake Pauls, CPE       March 31, 2016

“Injury Cost and Epidemiology plus Slipping Problems and Prevention” 

Presented by Jake Pauls    28min

“Grab Bar Testing”

Presented by Dr. Nancy Edwards and

Dr. Alison Novak    33min

          Some Introductory Thoughts


Creating and Implementing an Evidence

    Base for Improved Built Environment

                Standards and Codes

                Presented by Jake Pauls, B.Arch

                Certified Professional Ergonomist

                                  39 min.

    Toronto Rehabilitation’s Challenging

  Environments Assessment Laboratory:

Biomechanical evidence to prevent falls

  and inform environmental design


            Presented by Alison Novak, PhD

     Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN

                                   28 min.

Canadian data sources for the surveillance

   of stair fall and bathroom-related injuries

                 Presented by Steven McFaull

    Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention (PHAC)

Falls in Home Stairways and Bathrooms:

            How Many?  How Costly?

                 Presented by Ted Miller, PhD

      Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation

                                  40 min.

    Built Environment Codes in Canada

           Presented by Douglas Crawford

     Chair Canadian Commission on Building and

                                 Fire Codes

                                     30 min.

                  A pre-conference workshop of Public Health ’16

                  June 13, 2016   Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Part 1  “Historical and Topical Introduction”

              Presented by Jake Pauls

        Session Moderator: James Chauvin

                                24 min

Part 2           “Panel Presentations”

Linda Strobl, Public Health Nurse - Injury Prevention Program, Hamilton, ON

Richard Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer,

Vancouver Island Health Authority

Bob Thompson, Retired Senior Codes Administrator, British Columbia

                                34 min

Part 3    “R. Stirling Ferguson Award 2015”   &

                        “Panel Discussion”

                                  38 min

  1. 2.Introduction to Missteps and Falls   (Part 2)

      “Heel Scuffs, Oversteps, Slips & Trips”                                          

23:50 min.

Jake Pauls’ CPHA2012 Pre-conference Presentation          Edmonton, June 11, 2012

                  The Discussants

                            Dr. Ray Copes

    Cheif, Environmental and Occupational Health/

           Public Health Ontario, Toronto (ON)

                       Prof. Michael Moore

   CEO Public Health Association of Australia and

     President, World Federation of Public Health

             Associations, Canberra, Australia

                                   25 min.

                     Panel Discussion

                           35 min.

Innovative when produced in 1979, the documentary film, The Stair Event, is the only film on stair use and safety. It is based on the 1978 field study of spectators’s use of stairs at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada.  Intended for professional and nonprofessional audiences, it has been a major impetus for significant improvements in stair design standards in the US. Especially in new public assembly facilities having aisle stairs (in stadia, arenas, theaters, etc.), aisle handrails became the norm after about 1985 in the US—largely because of the film and its entertaining lessons for all viewers.

THE STAIR EVENT  1979   18min.

The impact of building codes and standards on public

   health and safety - the challenges facing reformers

Speakers: Jim Chauvin

                  Peter Johnson

                  Ted Miller

                  Jake Pauls

Introductions with Presentation by Jim Chauvin      38 min

Presentation by Peter Johnson with group discussion       36 min

Presentations by Ted Miller and Jake Pauls       39 min

General Discussion     16 min

                                                Tall Buildings

            Evacuation Procedures

               Expert’s meeting held in June 2017 at the office studio

               of  Consulting Services in Building Use and Safety

                  Part 1

         Part 2

         Part 3

Presentation by David McColl

Senior Manager, World Wide Codes

Development at Otis Elevator Company

                      52 min

Presentation by Justin Francis

             and Jake Pauls

                    55 min


Presentation by Justin Francis

             and Jake Pauls

                    54 min